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Business Model Overview: 

We are searching for a hopeful business person who wish to go into business without contributing so much forthright. We have a plan of action where you can make over ₹20000 every month, just by holding our merchandise for COD request of your location. We get such a large number of clients who need to purchase our items through COD. However, the COD coordination framework is extravagant, so we concocted this model which will be valuable for us.


Business Background:

We are a bunch of technology and business people, who are working to bring efficiency in the eCommerce system. We are mainly connected with importing and selling high demand products and electronic items like Mobile phones, Accessories, TV, AC and so on. We sold over 2000 Mobile phones and 1500 other electronic goods; as well as we expect to sell 5000 overall this year!

Brand: Apple, Samsung, Daikin, Leeco, Sony and O General etc.

Margins: We assure a profit margin of 15% to 20% of the invested amount. Ideally, the product worth of 20000 can be sold for 24000 minimum.


Operational Overview:

  • Courier partner is BlueDart. (1-2 days delivery all over India)
  • Our warranty partner is DeltaDynamix (P) Ltd. They provide 6 months to 1-year warranty for all the products that we sell with door to door service.


How To Do:

           1. . Investment is totally depending on how much you want to start off with, you can even start with ₹50000. We accept all credit cards!!

           2. Pay and get your products delivered to your address.

           3. Our marketing team will be running our Ads all over India through multiple platforms like FB, eBay, Google AdWords, Olx, Youtube, Quikr and so on.

           4. As we get an inquiry for COD from your location, we will get them connected to you, then you will just deliver the product to them and collect the cash. (This would be mostly COD orders).

           5. We make sure that your landing price would be very competitive in the market.